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Build a lucrative career as mobile app developer with SLA, India's best Android training institute located in Chennai. With proven track record of placing 60,000 trainees and two decades of experience in IT training, SLA INSTITUTE would be the ultimate destination to create your center career path. We are offering exclusive android training course with internship opportunity and placement assurance.


Why Android?

Can you imagine the world existing without smartphone, tablets and Televisions?


Majority of smart phones, tablets and smart gadgets are powered by Android. Even home appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven have become smart with Android. Thousands of android applications are released every day to prove its necessity and meet the demand of users. This explains the scope and significance of Android. Below are the salary paid to professionals who takes up android app development as career.

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Our Technologies

Our Training

  • Our android training program ensures the inclusion of new concepts trending in android market and thereby helping students to sharpen their chances to be hired by top IT companies.
  • In addition to learning how to develop app in just 60 days, you'll also learn the many ways and techniques used to develop apps.
  • Android trainer engaged to train you possess years of professional experience in developing android applications. Trainers in our institute never fails to be updated with latest happenings and techniques used in Android world.
  • Our training methodology is intended to benefit every trainee by focusing gradually from beginner level concepts to advanced professional concepts.

Exclusive Benefits!

  • In addition to comprehensive technical training, training on soft skills and Aptitude skills is provided at free of cost. This eliminates the chances of being rejected in interviews for lagging in aptitude and communication.
  • Unlimited number of interviews scheduled with top leading IT companies.
  • Opportunity to develop professional android applications during your internship will showcase your expertise in your resume.
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Our Course

Syllabus (approved by HR's of leading IT companies)

The entire training syllabus on android is drafted by experts in the industry and follows the principle "Need of the Hour". Unlike many other training institutes, we do not follow a fixed and decade old syllabus. Our exclusive android training syllabus includes skills that are expected from candidates by today's IT companies.

Android Syllabus:


Oops Concept - Introduction to Java | Introduction to Android | Environmental setup | Activity life cycle | Introduction to XML | Bluetooth handling | Camera activity | Sensor Handling | Exception handling


GPS & Map | SMS Manager | Telephony Manage | Android Graphics | Json | SQLite | Web Service | Voice Recognition | Updating application | Putting App on Market | Market Tactics | App Securing

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